Immigrant survivors of domestic violence look for help to regularize their status

2 de enero de 2011
Por Cindy Von Quednow para El Nuevo Sol California State University, Northridge

Every time María (fictitious name to protect her identity) gave birth, the father of her children threatened to kill her.

“I was with my (first) baby, I had left the hospital three days prior and I was breast feeding,” remembers María while crying. “The father of my children had a knife and he put it on my neck and when he grabbed my arm, I couldn’t move anywhere.”

Maria left her house several times, but she always returned to him. She had three children with her abuser.

“He convinced me to return and I would get pregnant, and every pregnancy was the same… it was his intention to end my life,” said María, 40.

This violence occurred in the United States, where Maria thought she would to find a better life.

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