Latina entrepreneur helps others succeed

November 28, 2009

By Linda Coburn for El Nuevo Sol, California State University, Northridge

Patricia Gracia, founder of Power Media Group shows off the Power Women Business Center. Linda Coburn/El Nuevo Sol

Gracia shows off one of her company

Back in 1987, an 18-year-old girl made her way up to Tijuana from Peru and crossed the U.S. border in search of economic freedom. Today, Patricia Gracia is an award-winning entrepreneur and a U.S. citizen who is starting a business incubator so other Latinas in the Santa Clarita Valley can be supported in pursuing their own opportunities.

The Power Women Business Center will open its doors in December on the bottom floor of the two-story building that houses Power Media Group, the company Gracia founded seven years ago.

“We bought the building last year during the recession,” said Gracia. “It was the best time to do that, and it’s also the best time to start a new business.”

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