Jackson Heights, N.Y., may be a model for immigrant diversity

December 2, 2010

By Juliana Vasquez for the Tucson Weekly

photo by Juliana Vasquez

NEW YORK — A stroll down Roosevelt Avenue up to 37th Avenue in Jackson Heights, N.Y., is like walking into the world at large.

An Indian sari shop here, a Bangladeshi market there; across the street, an Argentinean steakhouse.

A table covered with glittering, iridescent Indian-style scarves and shawls sits outside of a shop on 37th just below a jewelry store. Ali Wagar, the owner, stands outside, watching and waiting for his next customer as people rush by on the always-busy New York streets.

“The great part of the immigrant majority here,” Wagar said, “is that they all contribute great things to the community.”

While the illegal-immigration debate continues to divide communities across the country, havens for immigrant businesses like Jackson Heights in Queens, N.Y., shed light on the successes and challenges of immigrant integration.

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