In Hereford, Glenn Spencer uses state-of-the-art equipment to find border-crossers

December 2, 2010

By Samantha Sais for the Tucson Weekly

Photo by Samantha Sais

HEREFORD, ARIZ.—Glenn Spencer is the president and founder of the American Border Patrol. His organization, an immigration-watchdog group, has been in operation for seven years.

On the afternoon of Oct. 15, Spencer took a reporter and me on a tour of the border fence that runs along his property. This is the section that he patrols regularly.

Spencer and his organization have spent more than a million dollars of mostly donated funds to equip his ranch with monitoring devices that allow him to keep tabs on crossing activity.

The equipment ranges from military-grade weapons to high-tech monitoring devices like thermal cameras, seismic sensors, experimental planes and recording devices.

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