Gender divide: A cross country operation

May 28, 2011

By Emily Bowen for Beyond the Border AZ

Eva Flores crossed the border into the United States eight years ago. The man who smuggled her through was surprised at how easy it was. Days earlier, Flores waited in a room of a Tijuana hotel for a phone call.

“My family told me you are going to get to Tijuana, you are going to go to this hotel and then once you are there someone is going to come and ask for you,” said Flores,  “but the guy who went to ask for me at the hotel was expecting a boy.”

Flores is transgendered.

The renewed push toward immigration reform has reignited the debate about the inclusion of LGBT issues. Many groups argue that including any of the issued onto any reform bill would condemn it. But advocates say that for the bill to be comprehensive, it must also be inclusive.

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